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Welcome to Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte; the home of foundation repairs services in Charlotte, NC. We are committed to providing excellent and reliable services to homeowners with their budget in mind. We offer a wide variety of services in a bid to make houses safer and more habitable. We have been in Charlotte, NC for a while and during that time, we have offered our professional services to the residents of the area. Customer satisfaction is our priority and this is why we go over and beyond to make sure that the foundational or structural needs of our clients are adequately met.

About Us

Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte is a company committed to providing solutions to foundation damage issues. Onboard, we have excellent professionals who are always willing and available to answer any enquires and consult with the client as regards their needs. For a wholesome experience, after the consultation process, on-site visitation is required after which if the client still wants to proceed, work starts on the property. We are huge believers of the importance of communication between service providers and customers and this is why we would always endeavor to keep the client in the loop from start to finish.

Our Services

At Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte, we provide services that make life easy for you as a property owner. As it is always important to make sure that your foundation or basement is devoid of moisture or wetness that can ruin the structure of your building, our services come in very handy. They range from foundation repair in the case that it has been damaged already, crawl space encapsulation, concrete lifting, French drain installation, helical pier installation.

\We have you covered. Our professionals are well trained and can be trusted to provide excellent services with the help of the right materials and equipment.

Foundation Repair

When the foundation of a house needs to be repaired, it means that major damage has been done to the foundation. Foundation damage occurs when the moisture in the soil is either too much or too small and this precipitate either an expansion or shrinkage in the oil particles when can then result in damage. Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte are experts at providing foundation repair services and have been doing that in the Charlotte, NC area for many years.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

A crawl space is mostly left unfinished in the house and its main purpose is to serve as the utility center of the house. Over time, however, it is prone to leakages that have to be dealt with before they get out of hand to prevent mold from developing. Crawl space encapsulation involves getting rid of the moisture and dirt and making the space suitable enough to carry out the purposes for which it was created.

Basement Waterproofing

A basement is a space below the ground floor level that can be used to house the utilities in the building. Basements need to be waterproofed to prevent moisture from accumulating over time and causing foundational damage. There are many signs to look out for if you are wondering if you require our services. Once we are contacted, we start with a consultation followed by an analysis and then an on-site visitation.

Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting involves the process of making sure that floors and concrete surfaces are even. Different types of methods like Mud-jacking, Expanding Structural Foam Leveling, Limestone Grout Leveling can be employed but the common, safer, and cheaper method used is Slab-jacking which involves the injecting of material into the concrete. This particular method is faster, environmentally friendly and does not tamper with the physical appearance of the surface that is to be lifted.

French Drain Installation

The use of drains is to get rid of excess water that can find its way to the basement or foundation of a property and cause foundation damage. With French Drain Installations, the water is drained with the use of a pipe and taken to other parts of the property where they cannot cause any damage to the structure. This drainage method like the others also required long term maintenance and monitoring so it doesn’t get clogged and the purpose of the drain is not defeated.

Helical Pier Installation

Helical Piers are installed when the foundation has failed and would need extra support to be able to stand. The installation method involves drilling the helical pier into the soil surface at strategic locations to effectively distribute the load of the structure and reduce the strain on the foundation. Helical Piers are very durable and can last for more than 100 years. The installation method is also cost-effective and very easy.

Contact Us Today

When customers understand what you intend to do on their property, there is every likelihood that they would be more open to the repair work you are about to carry out on their building. This is why we prioritize communication with our clients. Our call lines are always available within working hours and we are always waiting and available to answer any questions you might have. Our professionals are patient and more than willing to answer any questions and breakdown the explanation of technical terms into simpler ones. You can always get our number, social media handles, and email address on our website.

The concrete slab outside my house has been uneven for quite a while and a friend introduced me to Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte. I contacted them and they came by and fixed it in less than a day. The floor is even now and there are no even signs of repair”

I noticed some cracks and dampness in my basement walls and I contacted Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte. A technician came by the next day to inspect my basement, explained what was happening to me, and ran the preferred solutions with me patiently. I am very pleased with their customer care services"

My crawl space started giving off an offensive odor and I started some funny colorations on some walls. I decided to call Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte as a friend had talked about them previously and they immediately scheduled visitation and all through the repair process, they kept me informed of everything"