Foundation Repair

When the foundation of a house needs to be repaired, it more or less is an indicator of the fact that major damage has been done. Foundation repair occurs as a result of movement in the soil which can either lead to a shrink or expansion in the soil particles. When the soil settles after the movement, as a result of the shrink, the mortars or joints in the foundation are affected as they would be out of place. This then results in cracks in the wall or floor. It is advisable to repair foundation damages as soon as they are noticed to prevent it from worsening. 

Other things that can cause Foundation Damage

Apart from movement in the soil, other things can also cause foundation damage. One of these is inadequate plumbing or drainage facilities. During the movement in the soil, if the damage is done to one of the pipes, water can leak out, damage the foundation and even cause flooding. Also, the soil type is another factor that can cause foundational damage. Clay soils for instance are more prone to foundational damage. Earthquakes, floods can also cause foundational damage. If you have experienced any of this, it is advisable to consult with a professional to check your foundation.

Signs of Foundation Damage

When a foundation is damaged or is in need of foundation repairs, there are some obvious signs that one would notice overtime. Some of them would be listed below:

  • Cracked bricks are one of the most obvious signs. You should look out for the cracks on the bricks on the exterior of the building.
  • Cracked walls is another sign to look out for. When you start to see cracked walls on the inside of your building, you should consider calling a professional.
  • Split floors
  • Uneven or swollen floors
  • Separation around windows or walls
  • Unaligned doors and windows

Foundation repair methods we use

As professionals, when we examine the type of damage that has been done to your foundation, we can now come up with repair methods that are sure to rectify the damage that has been done. Some of the commonly applied methods are:

  • Helical pile system
  • Deep-driven steel pile system
  • Wall tiebacks
  • Carbon fiber
  • Slab brackets

Our experts would examine your building and find out the suitable repair method to use when fixing it. All our processes would be explained in detail to the homeowner.

Call Foundation Repair Pro for all your foundation repair needs

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