Crawl Space Encapsulation

In a building, there is always a crawl space and this refers to an area which is usually left unfinished which can be either under a floor or a roof that is majorly used to allow air circulation throughout the house and also for wiring and plumbing and general repair services in the case that anything is faulty.  Now, over time, that particular space over time tends to accumulate a lot of dirt and also mold (from the moisture) and it has to be dealt with otherwise, apart from compromising the quality of air that comes into the building, it would also make it hard for repair works to be done in that space. Mold is also very harmful to health and should be gotten rid of.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation involves removing the moisture, mold, and dirt from the crawl space in a building and turning it into a clean, dry one devoid of mold. The process involves getting a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier and can be finished within a one-two day timeline. At Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte, we have a lot of experience with Encapsulating a crawl space as we have done it many times. We know exactly what to do, the right equipment to use to make sure that your crawl space is clean and effectively carries out the function it was designed to carry out.

The Process

At Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte, we provide crawl space encapsulation services using only the high-quality materials as this would go a long way in ensuring that the space is indeed moisture-free later in the future. We start the process with the vapor barrier installation and during this process, we line the floors and walls of the crawl space with a vapor barrier and foam which is used to seal any air leaks in the space. A dehumidifier is also used to drive out the excess moisture in the space. At the end of the process, the aim is to have a clean space with proper airflow that is free of mold.

How to know that your house might need Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are several indications to take note of if your house might require our crawl space encapsulation services and some of these are:

Musty smell in the basement of your house
Peeling paint in the interior of the building
Increase in the amount used to cool your space
Condensation on windows
As a homeowner, if you start to notice any of these things in your house, it is an indication that something is wrong and it would be advisable to consult the services of a professional.

Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte

The first line of action when you contact us is to find out all the details of the crawl space, ask questions, and get answers from the homeowner so we can have a detailed understanding. After this, we pay a visit to your space and determine whether or not you would be needing crawl space encapsulation. If it turns out that you do, we access the situation, suggest a solution, and prepare a price quote keeping in mind the budget of our client. At Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte, we are very particular about providing quality services.