French Drain Installation

When water pools up in a place, especially place prone to failure like the basement and the foundation, over time, it begins to erode the surface and this erosion rids the soil of the important minerals it needs, thereby making the concrete around that area weaker and susceptible to cracks. The water can also cause pressure in the walls of the basement and this can result in cracked slabs or a failed foundation. Homeowners need to be very conscious when they start to notice some signs as addressing the issue earlier can save a lot of stress. 

French Drains

For homeowners that have issues with draining the exterior part of their buildings, installing French Drains would go a long way in rectifying them. They are pretty much a combination of trench work, gravel, and punctured piping that are put in place to collect water from the surface and ground to prevent them from staying stagnant in one place and eventually seeping into the foundation and causing damage. The downside of French Drains is that their lifespan is limited and as such it is important to make sure that the right materials and installment techniques are applied.

How they work

With French Drain, the water is collected in the trenches and a pipe, and from there can be drained to another part of the property. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve groundwater pressure. French drains can be installed in two ways which can be either beneath the basement floor or around the foundation wall. For installations around the foundation, the French drain is installed around the foundation walls while for installations beneath the basement, water is collected from the basement wall-floor joint as it enters, and a pump is installed to remove water from the house and away from the foundation.

Blockages in French Drains

Property owners have to be very conscious of their French Drains and inspect it from time to time. This is very important as the drain can get clogged over time with debris and particles. When this happens, the water collected from the drained part of the property no longer has a means of going out and as such, pressure begins to build in the pipe, and the water would go back to where it is coming from and damage the foundation or basements. For occasional checks and maintenance of your French drains, you can contact one of our many experienced consultants.

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