Concrete Lifting

When settlement occurs in the soil, it can lead to several things. Apart from causing foundation damage, it can also cause concrete slabs to settle which in turn leads to uneven floors and surfaces. Other causes of the settlement include earthquakes, poorly designed concrete surfaces, exposure to water. It is important to consult appropriate professionals when designing or constructing a building; either residential or commercial to make sure that everything is in order. Doing this would reduce the possibility of failure due to some of these factors.

What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting is pretty much the process of correcting abnormalities on a concrete surface that has been caused due to settlement, erosion, earthquakes, etc. The settlement is mostly predominant in houses that have basements or have direct contact with water as overtime, the water penetrates the surface. The correction is mostly targeted at the foundation of that particular surface and compared to the alternative option which involves extra concrete being poured on the uneven surface, concrete lifting is very much cheaper and easier. More often than not, concrete lifting is the most preferred option, however, professionals should be consulted before making any decision.

Why you should raise your concrete slab as opposed to replacing it

Raising the slab instead of replacing it has a lot of advantages and as it does little or no damage to the outlook of the concrete surface, concrete lifting is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than concrete replacement. It also does not diminish the potential market value of the home as the surface is not in any way scarred as a result of the process. It is also a much safer, cheaper, and faster alternative. If you are starting to notice uneven floors in some parts of your house and you are within the Charlotte, NC area, you should put a call through to us at Foundation Repair Pros.

Slab-Jacking- A type of Concrete Lifting

This is one of the methods used to correct uneven concrete surfaces and prevent foundation damage especially in basement levels is Slab-jacking. This process involves drilling holes into strategic places on the concrete surface affected and injecting polyurethane foam into the holes. This raises the concrete and brings it back to the normal state. After this is completed, the drilled holes are then filled with concrete mixture. It is easier compared to others (Mud-jacking, Expanding Structural Foam Leveling, Limestone Grout Leveling), cheaper, and does little or no damage to the aesthetics quality of the surface in question.


We provide service for residential, commercial buildings and no project is too big for us to handle. We can provide concrete lifting services to any building or structure. If you are not sure about the exact service you would be needing from us, you can always reach us via the contact details provided on our website, schedule visitation and we can proceed from there. During the visitation, we would judiciously inspect the affected space, determine what the problem is, and then from there, suggest what can be done, keeping in mind your budget.