Basement Waterproofing

A basement is a space below the ground floor level that can be used to house the utilities in the building like the boiler, water heater, air conditioning systems, electrical switch, etc. In basements, special considerations have to be made as regards the drainage systems as they are prone to flooding and damping. This is where waterproofing comes in; basements are waterproofed to prevent water from getting into it. We endeavor to source materials that are of top quality and are durable enough to make the waterproofing last a long time.

First, we analyze

The very first step is to do a thorough analysis of your basement and determine what the exact problem is, where the leak is coming from (if any), and how best to solve the problem. To this effect, our experts are sent to your house to do this analysis and you can rest assured that they know exactly what it is they are looking out for and what to do. Communication lines are always open and we always keep the client informed about what is going on every step of the way. After the analysis, we would table out a solution and with the permission of the client, begin work in the basement. 

Causes of moisture in the basement

To keep your basement dry and moisture-free, you first have to understand what causes moisture in the basement. When the wrong soil type is used for the foundation, it can be easily susceptible to the slightest movement in the soil and water can start to accumulate there. Also, when the wrong types of drainage systems are used, instead of directing the water away from the foundation, it lets it pool inside and causes damage. Another thing that can cause moisture in the basement is cracked walls in either the basement walls or floors. This is why cracks should be resolved on time.

Basement waterproofing methods

Water problems no matter how small can go a long way in damaging the basement by producing mold, attracting insects, and causing structural damage. These methods are meant to make the basement waterproof, thereby making it difficult for water to penetrate and cause damage. Waterproofing can either be carried out on the interior, exterior, or the drainage systems of the building. On the interior, sealants and coatings are used to prevent condensation, the exterior makes use of coatings to prevent water from getting in through cracks in the wall, and finally, the drainage systems can be repaired or in the case that it was absent before, newly fitted.

How much it would cost

At Foundation Repair Pros of Charlotte, we are always on the lookout for anything that can benefit our clients and this includes the costing of the entire project. We try as much as possible to work within the budget of the client and still use quality and durable materials. For a price quote, we would first have to examine the problem in the basement and after this, find ways to rectify it. The price would be based on how bad the problem is and the method used to solve it.