Helical Pier Installation

When foundations are not properly maintained for a long period, there is every chance that they might end up failing and support would have to be provided. This is where helical piers come in; they help to anchor the building or structure and support the already failed foundation and, in the process, restore the structure to its original position and market value. Using Helical Piers also offer a permanent solution to foundation fails.

What are Helical Piers?

A helical pier is made of steel and it comes in a pin-like shape, it has hollow discs around the perimeter that run all through the sides. A helical pier is used to provide balance for a structure when the foundation has failed; it is one of the methods used to fix a foundation failure. The good side about helical piers us that they can be used on any type of soil and they effectively help in weight distribution. They are just driven into the soil at strategic locations to help with load distribution. At Foundation Repair Pros, we have professionals that have the knowledge and technical know-how to install helical piers.

Advantages of using Helical Piers

Many advantages come with using helical pier for foundation repairs. One of them is that it is durable; helical piers are made of galvanized steel and as such, experience very little or no rusting. According to estimations, their lifespan can range from 100-120 years depending on the type of soil. Apart from this, they provide adequate weight distribution services, thereby repairing the foundation and giving the structure something to carry its weight. Helical Piers are easy to install as there is little or no need for the use of concrete during its installation process. For more information about Helical Piers, you can always contact us.

Where they find application

Helical piers are versatile, easy to install, and lightweight and as such, they can find applications in a variety of construction projects. Some of them are listed below:

  • New construction for both commercial and residential buildings
  • Foundational damage repair for both commercial and residential buildings
  • Bridges
  • Porches and Mezzanines
  • Basement walls
  • Load bearing slabs
  • Retaining walls

Any other inquires as to where else helical piers can be used should be passed across to us on our website. We are always more than willing to answer any questions you might have. Our contact details are available on our website.

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