At Charlotte, NC, we are referred to as the Foundation Doctors. This is because time and time again, we have proven ourselves to be experts when it comes to foundation or basement repairs. We have won the trust of many people in this area and we plan to continue with this trend. We are always available and ready to work. Accessibility is key, this is why we have a well-detailed website, stating clearly and in understandable terms the services we offer, things you should know about our company, how to contact us, and testimonials from customers we have worked with in the past.

Are you in need of a foundation repair? Has your basement been flooded with water? Do you need a professional to look out for faults in your foundation for you? Then look no further! We are not called foundation doctors for nothing. We assign only the best and the experienced technicians to your house to check out any problems your foundation might have and when we have established what it is, we get to work immediately to look for a solution. At Foundation Repairs Pro of Charlotte, we believe in always keeping our clients in the loop regarding whatever is going on. We break down all the terms into much simpler ones, explain what needs to be done, how long it will take to complete, and the estimated budget. We believe that when customers are in the know about what is to happen, it makes the whole job easier for us.